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In mid-2018 Betner-Gray Law Office, LLC instituted a Fellowship Program with the intention to develop it and to see exponential growth and reach over the years. Our 2018-2019 Fellows are: Jesse Griffin, Sade Major, Avery Covington, and Simone Jackson


This Law Fellows Program is an educational initiative that aims to give light and understanding the legal field,law school admissions process, law school, and various practice areas within the legal field, and to make it accessible to otherwise disadvantaged or disconnected individuals who desire to pursue a legal education and/or career. Community service and outreach is a meaningful part of this program, as is mentor-ship and relationship building. 


Finally, for fellows who are in school, scholarships will be provided to further education and to assist with books and school supplies. For those already in the career field, opportunities will be provided for networking, paid social events, as well as subsidized continuing education course. 

Now Accepting 


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