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The Legacy Building Law Firm 

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Who Are We?

Legacy & Impact

Education & Empowerment

Our firm is focused on assisting our clients in establishing a solid foundation upon which they can build a legacy and make a lasting impact through our advocacy, offering educational opportunities and advisement, and aiding with obtaining and maintaining Real Estate, proper Estate Planning, and even Business Ownership.

Who Are We
Our Difference
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What's Our Difference?

Attorney Betner-Gray has overcome incredible adversity in her journey. Despite the odds, she has refused to take no for an answer. Her faith and tenacity, grit and grace are characteristics that distinguish her and this firm. 


We will work diligently in every situation to find an answer, to vigorously advocate for, and to tip the scales in the favor of our clients, no matter the circumstances.

Who Do We Serve?

We primarily serve individuals and families earning six & seven figures who desire to strengthen and secure their portfolios through acquiring real estate and thorough estate planning.

Established business owners, investors, and multi-unit landlords are drawn to our firm and we are happy to serve this demographic by offering FLAT fees and attentive service.

Our ideal client understands the importance of making financial investments in themselves, their family, and their businesses. They also understand their own limits and desire to engage professional assistance to obtain the best possible outcomes.

Who Do We Servce

Our Services

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Real Estate Closing Services

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Short-Sale Representation/ Negotiation

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For Sale By Owner Transactions

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Lease & Contract Drafting/Review

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Refinance/ Modification Assistance

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Landlord Side (Landlord Tenant Matters)

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Estate Planning Strategy Sessions

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Estate Plan

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Trust Drafting

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Our Services
Law Firm


Can I Speak to the Attorney Now?

All calls and conferences with the attorney are by appointment only. If this is your first time speaking to Attorney Betner-Gray, you will need to schedule a consultation. If you are an existing client, let us know and we will schedule your call with the attorney as soon as possible.

Are Consultations Free?

No, we have found that free consultations often attract people who are not serious about retaining an attorney or who simply want free legal advice. Time is very important and we want to make sure that no time is wasted and that our time and energy are reserved for our most precious asset, our clients. 

Consultations are more than just a conversation, they are clarifying and diagnostic sessions with a legal expert who has spent years studying and practicing and can quickly problem solve and recommend the next steps for your legal matter.

Do you bill hourly? 

No! This is something that sets us apart as a law firm. Most firms charge hourly and you can’t know for sure what your full investment or final bill will be until the conclusion of representation.  

Here at Betner-Gray Law Office, we charge FLAT fees that give you the assurance of knowing exactly how much you will have to pay, with no worry of accruing bills or unexpected expenses. 

What level of investment should I expect? 

You should expect a minimum investment of $1,500.00 and upwards of $30,000.00 depending on a myriad of factors, including, the complexity and time required for your matter. (Fees are not negotiable but are subject to attorney discretion) 


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